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Intervals! That hurt!

http://www.endomondo.com/embed/workouts?w=nZaYV-UaV1U&width=250&height=450On Saturday I went for a run with a colleague of mine. We decided to head out on a slightly shorter route, but instead of doing a steady pace we were to do 4 intervals of a kilometer with a kilometer to rest between intervals. I include intervals in my training because they tend to…

By Jakob November 15, 2010 0

Finally Back in Training!!

After an irritating 10 days after my dental operation last week, today was the first day that I was back in training. And how very nice that was! http://www.endomondo.com/embed/workouts?w=i-uFXe4mjXE&width=250&height=350A colleague of mine from LogMeIn extended the courtesy of sharing some of his fitness and pulling me around an 11km route in the area. During the…

By Jakob November 6, 2010 2

How to Avoid Endurance Overtraining

Over the past few weeks I’ve had conversations with a few people about starting training or taking training to the next level. Often the new goal of going somewhere new with training is one that the athlete eagerly wants to get to. A common mistake is to let the efforts in training match the desire…

By Jakob October 27, 2010 0