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My Mother’s Secret Gingerbread Recipe

HONNINGKAGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Originally uploaded by gubbex. I always look forward to the end of the year where we usually end up spending Christmas in Denmark. This year is no exception! We arrived from the Netherlands yesterday and yesterday evening we were part of an ancient ritual – at least it’s ancient in our family: The…

By Jakob December 24, 2006 1

Jolanda & Jakob: Just Married

Jolanda and Jakob got married and became Mr. and Mrs. Thusgaard. We had a great day in the Thamerkerk and Hotel Restaurant Het Rechthuis in Uithoorn. Visitors from Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, and Norway made the day absolutely unforgettable. Have a look at the whole thing over at this site. The wedding was followed by…

By Jakob September 24, 2006 1

The Boys Came Around

We’re now less than a week away from getting married, and on Saturday the 5th The Boys carried out a surprise hit to kidnap me from all our planning and doing – for the Bachelor’s Day! Starting out with beer for breakfast is not really my usual first choice, but for a bachelor that’s the…

By Jakob August 7, 2006 3

Cycling TV Online

I absolutely have to make a quick post about this! Cycling TV is now online 24/7 at This is amazing – I’ve been waiting for this since I first came online !! Enjoy ! [tags]Cycling,TV,Cykling,Internet,Streaming TV, Streaming [/tags]

By Jakob March 7, 2006 1 Domain Name Birthday

Today is celebrating it’s 7 years birthday. Originally registered in 1999, having had 3 different designs throughout those years, it’s been hosted in Denmark and Luxembourg by a handful of different companies, and is currently administrated out of Netherlands. Furthermore it has transformed and followed web culture forward (as much as a family site…

By Jakob February 6, 2006 3

Re-discovering Chopstick Skills

On the 15th of Janaury, Jakob’s birthday, we went to the Amsterdam restaurant “Sea Palace” to re-discover our chopstick eating skills. Everything worked out nicely and they even served our favorite dishes from China: Chicken pieces with nuts and vegetables in a spicy sauce and of course roast duck with rice. The contrast between the…

By Jakob January 21, 2006 1