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Tech: Endomondo Adds Events Sharing For all those Endomondo users who use the events feature of Endomondo to build a calendar of events for the year or period ahead: Sharing is now available. Endomondo launched the feature today. I’m doing a half marathon in May 2011 – Broløbet 2011 – and in this post you’ll see that event shared…

By Jakob November 30, 2010 0

10 years of

Yesterday was the 10-year anniversary of, and today it’s time for something new. has been many things in the past 10 years: the domain has served and serves as email server for a number of people whose names fit the domain name; it’s been a plain website in the days when website design…

By Jakob February 7, 2009 1 Domain Name Birthday

Today is celebrating it’s 7 years birthday. Originally registered in 1999, having had 3 different designs throughout those years, it’s been hosted in Denmark and Luxembourg by a handful of different companies, and is currently administrated out of Netherlands. Furthermore it has transformed and followed web culture forward (as much as a family site…

By Jakob February 6, 2006 3

Favorite Firefox Extensions

It’s obvious to most that Firefox is gaining ground these days and becoming a threat to Microsoft Internet Explorer. One of the things that separate Firefox from the rest and specifically from Microsoft’s browser is the ability to install your own Extensions of choice on top of the base installation of Firefox. Below I’ll be…

By Jakob February 2, 2006 3

Design Finalized!

It’s been a few years since I last looked into any kind of design for Over the past year I’ve been trying to get the most out of multiple content management solutions and the problem always ends up being the same: The time that I’d need to invest in figuring out how they work…

By Jakob November 20, 2005 9


I’ve had my own domain name since 1999 and the last major re-design was done in a week of holiday between jobs when I moved from Denmark to Luxembourg. Having done China.Thusgaard.Com recently I think we’ll adobt a similar design to revamp It will be interesting ! See more progress on: re-design my website

By Jakob October 27, 2005 0