Month: October 2005


I’ve had my own domain name since 1999 and the last major re-design was done in a week of holiday between jobs when I moved from Denmark to Luxembourg. Having done China.Thusgaard.Com recently I think we’ll adobt a similar design to revamp It will be interesting ! See more progress on: re-design my website

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Finally: Pictures are online!!

Pretty late in the evening and after a few days of looking through our photos from our trip to China we’re finally ready to post the best of the best online! Basically viewers have two options – an external slideshow from and a thumbnail gallery on The links are both available in the…

By Jakob October 24, 2005 3

23 Hours after getting up: Finally at Home

This post might look a bit unstructured. The main reason is that at this point in time we’ve been awake for almost 24 hours, and have been packing, checking out, checking in, checking out and then in again, and to make a long story short we’re back home in Amsterdam without any injuries to ourselves…

By Jakob October 9, 2005 2

Xi’an: Goodbye China

Xi’an, 08/10/2005 at 16:56 We still have a few days to write about here in the blog, but rather than spending our last evening in China writing blog, we’ll be updating it with the last couple of days, more stories, more info, photo gallery , etc. when we come home. To mention a few things…

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Day 23: Beijing – Xi’an: Arrival in Xi’an

Amsterdam 23/10/2005 at 15:30 Day 23: Beijing – Xi’an: Arrival in Xi’an At the station in Xi’an we found that there were absolutely no problems with the bikes. As usual the gears had been changed, but we were getting used to that. Outside the station we met hordes of sales people who wanted to sell…

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Day 22: Beijing – Xi’an: Chinese Bureaucracy

Amsterdam 23/10/2005 at 15:30 Day 22: Beijing – Xi’an: Chinese Bureaucracy ***** 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ***** – Although we didn’t realize that ourselves until on the train to Xi’an. Instead we got the day going with in-the-room “home made” breakfast and got busy packing, making final arrangements with the Vlieg & Fiets agent in Beijing,…

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