Time for a New Social Network: Garmin Connect Upgrades

Over the past few years we’ve been presented with more and more options for tracking our training and racing performance. It’s also become increasingly easy to that and share your progress and/or connect with friends and foes. Training log/social networks like Endomondo and Strava have thrived by making tracking readily available on smartphones, and at […]

Denmark Online Groups: Weekly round-up, week 18

The most recent update to the online groups featuring content about Denmark, Danes or Danish has been posted at http://bit.ly/dkgroups. Notable developments include: Danmark Unlimited (Xing-based): is still #1 and outgrew the closest competitor DABGO by 4 new members. The looser of the week was the Facebook group “Denmark”, which lost another 7 members. The fastest […]

Garmin confuses with Forerunner 110

Garmin Forerunner 110 is now available, but is the entry-level runners GPS-watch a good buy?

Denmark Online Groups: Weekly round-up, week 17

The most recent update to the online groups featuring content about Denmark, Danes or Danish has been posted. See this post for highlights and link to the stats.

Garmin Forerunner 405/405cx vs Polar RS800cx G3

For the gadget-happy athletes, the comparison of Garmin Forerunner 405CX and Polar RS800CX.

My Favourite Nokia E71 Apps – 27/6 update

Here a quick list of installed worthwhile apps which I need to reinstall upon E7¹reinstall: – shozu (social networks): http://www.shozu.com – gravity (twitter): http://mobileways.de/products/gravity/gravity/ – google maps: http://m.google.com – nokia sportstracker: http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/main/download.do – nimbuzz (im): http://nimbuzz.com/ – mail for exchange: http://www.businesssoftware.nokia.com/mail_for_exchange_downloads.php – totalrecall: http://www.killermobile.com/newsite/content/view/40/82/ – sms preview: http://get.smspreview.mobi – flixwagon: http://www.flixwagon.com/ – qik – Enterprise […]

Part 2: Tweeting E71 – Enter the Challenger: Twittix

Gravity rules as king, but as in all stories involving a king you usually also have someone out to get the king’s crown and the kingdom of S60-Twitterers. Here comes Twittix!