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How to Avoid Endurance Overtraining

Over the past few weeks I’ve had conversations with a few people about starting training or taking training to the next level. Often the new goal of going somewhere new with training is one that the athlete eagerly wants to get to. A common mistake is to let the efforts in training match the desire…

By Jakob October 27, 2010 0

My Favourite Nokia E71 Apps – 27/6 update

Here a quick list of installed worthwhile apps which I need to reinstall upon E7¹reinstall: – shozu (social networks): – gravity (twitter): – google maps: – nokia sportstracker: – nimbuzz (im): – mail for exchange: – totalrecall: – sms preview: – flixwagon: – qik – Enterprise…

By Jakob June 26, 2009 3

No Audio/Reading book from Apple

Pity. Looks like Apple will not help solve the book problem mentioned previously. They have left it to Amazon to define the reading experience moving forward. Can’t get over how Apple could let this one go, but according to Jobs people don’t read anymore. Well, Steve, Jeff and whoever else would like to make extra…

By Jakob March 5, 2009 0