Torbjørn Sindballe 3rd at Ironman World Championships, Kona

October 14, 2007 0 By Jakob

Congratulations Torbjørn!!!!

In one of the strongest packs in the Hawaii Ironman in Kona, Hawaii, Torbjørn Sindballe managed to take 3rd place after yet another amazing ride on Sunday morning CET.

As expected Torbjørn made his move on the bike beginning to reel in leader Chris Lieto to finally have the fastet bike ride of the 2007 Hawaii Ironman. Torbjørn was taken over by Macca on the run and still managed to finish in 3rd place!

Top-10 Ironman 2007 1. Chris McCormack 8:15:34
2. Craig Alexander 8:19:04
3. Torbjorn Sindballe 8:21:30
4. Timothy DeBoom 8:22:30
5. Marino Vanhoenacker 8:23:31
6. Chris Lieto 8:25:49
7. Eneko Llanos 8:26:00
8. Luc van Lierde 8:30:01
9. Michael Lovato 8:33:28
10. Patrick Vernay 8:35:10