The Boys Came Around

August 7, 2006 3 By Jakob

We’re now less than a week away from getting married, and on Saturday the 5th The Boys carried out a surprise hit to kidnap me from all our planning and doing – for the Bachelor’s Day!
Starting out with beer for breakfast is not really my usual first choice, but for a bachelor that’s the only right choice, and everybody in a happy mood we went for the cars to go… where??

De Boerinn is a farm somewhere in the center of the Netherlands, which offers all sorts of activities. One of the activities they offer is to provide an unsafe environment for bachelors. The Boys did their best to help De Boerinn live up to their mission statement and frequently threw myself and eachother into the muddy waters around the farm.

What do you need when you’ve been falling into the water. More beer it would seem, and we moved from De Boerinn south to Utrecht, which has some cozy cafés in the city centre.

After an exhausting afternoon in the polder and drinking beer in Utrecht, Het Nachtrestaurant at Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht was the restaurant of choice to fill our empty stomachs and prepare us for the night.

Finally we went into the night – first in Utrecht, later in Amsterdam – and the rest of the story has got to be left to your imagination. We promised eachother that I’m the one who knows what happened. And I’m not telling ! 😉