Swim practice

November 15, 2010 0 By Jakob

Just had a swim session at the local pool. Practiced another 2+ kilometers of crawl strokes and worked specifically on doing the stroke under water with the shoulder rather than the elbow – a problem I’ve had forever. Try to change a stroke from something you’ve done forever to something that’s different. Pretty difficult. At least I think so!

It will take many, many more kilometers before this has been practiced so much that my stroke is right. The question of whether it makes sense to put too much time into swimming starts popping up more and more frequently. A sprint triathlon is a 500m swim, 20km bike, and 5k run event. In olympic distance the percentage of swimming is slightly higher, but still it remains the smallest part of the event. In other words, it might make sense if I put more of my limited time into running and biking.

I’ll let you know later.