Skype 3.0 Beta for Windows is OUT NOW!

November 10, 2006 0 By Jakob

Just caught a glimpse of this over at and it is available for immediate download. Skype continues to develop their successful VoIP software and with Skype 3.0 they have some stuff for us that we haven’t seen from IM software so far.

The ONE thing which is extremely interesting is the ability to connect withskype-live the world on public chats. Just tested the function and it really works well – except the kind of conversations that you currently have there are less than exciting.

It does show, however, that we’re quickly moving towards a world where creating contacts, networking and interacting through tools like Instant Messaging, chat rooms, using social and professional networking tools like LinkedIn, etc. is the order of the day.

Pick up the BETA of Skype 3.0 on the link above and enjoy.