Readying the Bikes for China

September 10, 2005 2 By Jakob

In the picture you’ll see how busy we are getting the bikes ready for China. Today we’ve adjusted them, and created cardboard protection for wheels, gear changers, and frames – all in order to be as prepared for the airport on Thursday next week as possible.

At the airport we will have to:
1) Set our saddles and steerings low;
2) Take the pedals off;
3) Take some air out of the wheels;
4) Turn the steering;
5) Put the extra protection like cardboard and “bike pyjamas” on the bikes, for them to have as safe a flight as we hope to have.

After doing all of this at the airport we will no doubt find hundreds of oil spots on our clothes – just before sitting down in a nice, comfortable, and clean airplane seat for 10 hours.

We have now both been to the haircutter, so we don’t need to worry too much about hair fashion for the next few weeks.

Almost set to go ! 🙂