Mid-May Training Update

May 15, 2007 4 By Jakob

After a slow start to this year’s training regimen, things now seem to have accellerated at a decent pace. In April I took part in the AD 5km run in Rotterdam. Although 5km isn’t necessarily much of an impressive distance, it was in interesting measure of fitness.Last weekend I finally got around to getting myself that wetsuit for the triathlon coming up in Herenveen in a couple of weeks. In addition I went out to try out my bike with the new tri bars. What a difference! Right now I’m just really looking forward to the triathlon in Herenveen on 26th of May.Marathon training is not really moving forward while I train for the tri, and that partly comes through realizing that I might want to make sure not to injure myself in the process of getting there. The goal is still to complete my first marathon ever in 2007.

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