Lonely Planet Bluelist

October 15, 2006 1 By Jakob

Lonely Planet Bluelist
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Grrrrreeeeaaaaatt!!! The people at Lonely Planet have come out with a BLUELIST – essentially with great help from their readers all over the World. And what are their (indirect) comments on our trips?:

China 2005 – on the Great Wall:
“The touristed parts of Badaling are not recommended; try instead a walk from Simatai to Jinshanling.”
Thailand 2006 – on the markets of Chiang Mai:
#3 in the Category: Greatest Markets
“The Chiang Mai market opens after sundown and it’s ‘Bargain City’. Fancy a fake Rolex? Get it here. Pirate DVDs? You got it. Fabrics, silks, sunglasses, gems…mmm, it’s all here, as are swords and chicken feet… The centrepiece is the Night Bazaar Building, three floors of all this and more. Bargain for all you’re worth for a rollicking good time.”

Tanzania 2006 – on Jambiani Beach:
#3 in the Category: Best Beaches to Swing a Hammock
“Here’s the beach that Time forgot, where men in fishing dhows set sail at sunset for the reefs, women gather seaweed daily, and people like you constantly boil to a crisp under the baking sun. There’s not much to do except loll about and crack open a few coconuts.”

In other words: Been there, done that. The Bluelist remains a very interesting book about many things to do all over the world!