KISS DP-600 leaves me wondering…

January 7, 2006 4 By Jakob

Kiss Networked Entertainment presents DP-600
So Kiss has come out with their most recent bid to become your networked home entertainment center, and with a price around 350 € for the DP-600 that does indeed sound interesting. But if you compare it to the slightly older DP-558 with 200GB hard drive, which is currently available for around 440 € in Germany, 490 € in the Netherlands, and about 3.500 DKK (470 €) in Denmark, you start wondering what you get for those extra 150 € (depending on country). The VR-558 comes with a 300GB hard disk and does not seem to have a whole lot more to offer than the DP-558 besides increased price.

It seems from the info that I can find online at this point in time that the differences are these:
– the DP-558 has 200 GB of recording hard disk space;
– the DP-600 has support for High Definition, but can’t record.

At this point in time I can’t find a review of the DP-600, but will continue to look for one in order to get more information on this box. So far I’m definitely much more a fan of the recorder-type boxes and think that the DP-558 probably still offers the best value for money.

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