Favorite Firefox Extensions

February 2, 2006 3 By Jakob

It’s obvious to most that Firefox is gaining ground these days and becoming a threat to Microsoft Internet Explorer. One of the things that separate Firefox from the rest and specifically from Microsoft’s browser is the ability to install your own Extensions of choice on top of the base installation of Firefox.

Below I’ll be listing my view of the greatest extensions for Firefox at this moment in time. A number of these improve Firefox’ performance to parallel performance in Internet Explorer, while others make Internet Explorer look like it’s a few generations behind…

Let’s begin:
IE Tab: For those web pages that are trapped in an Internet Explorer based design, this extension allows you to open an Internet Explorer tab inside Firefox. Never open IE again !

DeskCut: Makes it possible to place a bookmark on your Windows desktop.

FireFTP: Integrates a small, fully functional FTP client with Firefox. Still in beta, but works very well !

LinkedIn Companion: If you’re a user of this professional networking service, the LinkedIn Companion could very well come in handy. Contains shortcuts to a number of LinkedIn functions.

Add Bookmark Here: Enables you to add a bookmark anywhere in your bookmark structure. Very warmly recommended !!!

Del.icio.Us: Puts two extra buttons in your Firefox toolbar to ease access to Del.Icio.Us and to easier tag bookmarks for Del.Icio.Us.

Fasterfox: Tweaks Firefox and makes Fast even Faster !

Performancing: WordPress blog editor integrated with Firefox.

Adsense Notifier: Keeps you updated on your Adsense earnings. Click the button in the top of this post to get Firefox and make my Adsense Notifier Extension tick.

Image Zoom: Image Zoom extension to zoom in on too small images.

Now, obviously many other people have written posts about their favourite extensions as well. Check them out here:
Roger Johansson @ 456 Berea ST, and David Naylor @ Naylog (Thanks for the tip on the Answers extension).

Now it’s all up to you to make the most of your Internet experience.

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