Denmark Online Groups: Weekly round-up, week 19

May 9, 2010 0 By Jakob

The most recent update to the online groups featuring content about Denmark, Danes or Danish has been posted at For frequent readers of this weekly publishing, you may notice a change in format. Groups have been re-grouped to focus on readers’ areas of interest. You should now find it easier to find a group the fits your specific interests.
Now on to the report.

Notable developments include:

  • Danmark Unlimited (Xing-based): is still #1
  • DABGO – the Danish largest Danish expat network – outgrew Danmark Unlimited by 10 new members and is still #2.
  • It was a good week for Danish online groups. The looser of the week was DABGO North America, which lost only 3 members.
  • The fastest growing country for the Danes Abroad Business Group Online (DABGO) was Belgium for the 2nd week in a row, which gained 4 members.
  • Most growth was achieved by the “Danmark” group on LinkedIn with an impressive 28 new members.
  • Highest percentage growth was achieved by the “Danmark” sub-group “Expats in Denmark” which increased by 60%.

Head over to for more details.

During week 18 we saw the following activity in the Danmark group and subgroups:

  • Discussion on bringing up multilingual children continued on “Expats in Denmark“;
  • A few people got removed from the network for spamming the group and the members – keeping it clean;
  • Busy week on the jobs page at the main Danmark group: 14 new, legitimate posts – good luck in finding your jobs here!

Your ideas, comments and criticism are welcome. You can find me on twitter here, you can start a discussion in the Danmark group, or you can comment here on the page.

Have an excellent week!