Denmark Online Groups: Weekly round-up, week 18

May 3, 2010 0 By Jakob

The most recent update to the online groups featuring content about Denmark, Danes or Danish has been posted at

Notable developments include:

  • Danmark Unlimited (Xing-based): is still #1 and outgrew the closest competitor DABGO by 4 new members.
  • The looser of the week was the Facebook group “Denmark”, which lost another 7 members.
  • The fastest growing country for the Danes Abroad Business Group Online (DABGO) was Belgium, which gained 8 members.
  • Most growth was achieved by the “Danmark Unlimited” group on Xing with an impressive 22 new members.
  • Highest percentage growth was achieved by the “DABGO” sub-group “West DK” which increased by 250% – granted from an extremely low base.

Head over to for more details.

As for the “Danmark” group which you’ll find at

  • 11 new jobs in the past week.
  • News: 3000 New Danes were welcomed to Denmark by the members of Parliament.
  • News: The Little Mermaid is now a hot hit in Shanghai.
  • News: Danish restaurant Noma became the best in the World.
  • Travel guide: Aarhus travel guide posted to the Aarhus subgroup.
  • A Bulgarian expat was kind enough to share a few tips for Denmark expats. Now also on the Aarhus and Expats in Denmark subgroups.
  • Finally a single spammer, Angie Botero, was banned from the group.

Have a great week.