Day 6: Ngorongoro Crater

October 2, 2006 0 By Jakob

Today we left the Serengeti National Park to go to the Ngorongoro Conservation and through the unique Ngorongoro Crater. On the way off the Serengeti plains we saw buffalos and a huge hippo pool, many gazelles, impalas, etc., etc.

The Olduvai Gorge was on our route to Ngorongoro. It’s briefly explained a gorge of findings of remains of ancient man. Although very interesting we would probably have benefited from passing it, staying longer in the crater and reading up on the whole Olduvai-history online…

Finally inside the crater we saw our first (sleeping) rhino and hundreds of gnus, zebras, warthogs, and some elephants as well. We also came across the hippo pool in the photo which gives a bit if a feeling of how many animals remain in the crater in the dry season. And then, while watching a hyena from very close range – our car broke down. Moshi was a bit of a handyman and very comfortable with mechanics and fixed the battery which had jammed the starter. He ended up fixing it and driving us through the rest of the crater to our lodge on the crater rim – Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge with a fantastic view of most of the crater and a smokey open fireplace.