Day 5: Safari on the Serengeti Plains

October 1, 2006 0 By Jakob

We stayed the night after our long driva and safari in the Lobo Wildlife Lodge. The next morning we started out early to try to spot an early morning predator at work. It was an exciting experience even though we didn’t see any.

Upon returning to the Lobo lodge we enjoyed a far better breakfast than at Lake Manyara – with pancakes 😉 !! Then left for safari with lunch packs for a full, advbenturous day. Our driver, Moshi, took us to the Bologonja Gate via barely used roads, and we could enjoy the wildlife and the picturesque nature completely on our own!

The Bologonja Gate is in the far North of the Serengeti and of Tanzania just 12 kilometers from the border to neighbouring Kenya. At the gate we turned west for a different route back – and for lunch on the plains in the blistering heat of 48,3 degrees celcius – no shadow available.

Finally on the way back we added a cheetah dining in a gazelle to our “spotted animals” list. What a truly elegant and deadly predator it is.

Back in the early afternoon, what could possibly be more calm and breathtakingly impressive than – after a bit of resting – to sit by the pool enjoying the spectacular 180 degrees panorama view and what looks like endless kilometres of wildlife show unfold on the plains beneath.

Leen joined only after a failed attempt at a very courageous lion-discovering mission on foot outside in the Serengeti National Park. One of the drivers kindly asked him to return to his hotel and on the way back he was accidently hit by a rock hyrax, which fell from above while playing with its companions.

That evening another good dinner at the Lobo lodge awaited us.

This text by the way would have been online much earlier – as would the two previous ones – had it not been for the outrageous 2 USD per minute the lodge is asking for internet access. I bet they start charging for water soon…