Day 11: Zanzibar, Cycling, More Diving and Eating Out

October 7, 2006 0 By Jakob

This Bicycle on Unguja Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania, is very typical for the bikes we saw. Earlier on we saw many more bikes also including an odd sort of suspension system for the front wheel. Very unique and VERY heavy !

On this the 11th day Eric went diving again – this time with a real PADI divemaster. Leen and Jakob stayed behind watching the beach, reading, taking walks around town and on the beach.

Around evening time we went to the nearby Seaview Restaurant – a part of the Seaview Lodge. They served great seafood, but they got our order wrong and took maybe 2½ hours to serve a starter and dinner. Very impressive! It’s our general impression from Tanzania that you really shouldn’t be in a hurry when going out eating. While the food is almost always excellent, It is doomed to take at least an hour to eat out anywhere.