Broken Wrist Update

July 31, 2007 1 By Jakob

So, since last time I wrote a few things have happened. One of the things that always happen around end of July is the end of the fiscal year at Cisco. This is a big thing and certainly requires a lot of extra effort.

This year even more so, as I broke my wrist in an accident at the beginning of July. After a bit more than a week of waiting I got an operation on the 20th of July. The illustrative photos can be viewed below:

Today I’ve been to the hospital for a review and am happy to say that this is the first time in almost a month that I use a keyboard with two hands – and that with the doctors’ approval. It does feel a bit weird, but goes a lot faster than just typing with one hand! In addition the stitches have been removed, so now all I have is a nice 7,5 centimeter scar to prove that I have a plate in my hand. Oh, and I feel one of the screws going through the bone and out on the other side…

Today I picked up on something new. Flickr seems to be working on some geotagging compatibility with Google Earth that makes it possible to view your Flickr geotagged pictures in Google Earth.

Pretty neat!!

Thanks to Geobloggers for telling how to do this – check out the description here and my always updated geotagged flickr feed here.
Hoping to get back in training soon and keep on working that fitness level. Looks like it will be mostly cardio for now as lifting weights is a bit out of the question with a weak wrist. Good anyway as it seems that Martin and I will be heading off towards the (hopefully) sunny South to do some cycling towards the end of the year.

Should be loads of fun!