The Importance of Swim Technique Training

November 8, 2010 1 By Jakob

Phew! Just returned from a 1-hour training session a the nearby pool. I’ve started taking technique training lessons once a week to improve my self taught crawl stroke. In the four times that I’ve been the coach has managed to tear my stroke apart and swim in a new way. All he’s now missing to completely change how I swim is adapt my legs as well.

What I wanted to mention, though, is that what those four sessions have given me in return feels so important, and that’s the reason I wanted to recommend taking lessons.

With a swim coach, I want to:

  • swim faster;
  • swim using less energy / have more energy left after the swim;
  • be more confident in the water;
  • enjoy swimming more;
  • learn quickly;
  • achieve my race goals faster.

I’d say I’ve reached all of the above after just four sessions plus a few training sessions.

To the right you’ll see my most recent swim sessions.

Man, this is well worth the money and it’s fun to see how much better I get from just knowing how it should be done right. Not saying I’m doing things right, OK – just saying I am practicing in that direction.

And now that I’m done with my post workout food, I’ll go crash. An hour of swimming does take its toll – especially in the evening. Good night!