My Mother’s Secret Gingerbread Recipe

December 24, 2006 1 By Jakob

HONNINGKAGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I always look forward to the end of the year where we usually end up spending Christmas in Denmark. This year is no exception!

We arrived from the Netherlands yesterday and yesterday evening we were part of an ancient ritual – at least it’s ancient in our family:

The baking of gingerbread!

Gingerbread, I think, has been part of my christmas for as long as I have lived. Over the past 6 years, though, the gingerbread situation has been challenging. The German “Lebkuchen” are definitely NOT the same thing (or even close to it) and although Ikea sells some products that are generically interesting for Scandinavians abroad they just haven’t gotten that one right yet.

Maybe one of the main reasons that they haven’t is that we, in our family, have a secret recipe, transferred from mother to daughter for generations. With every new link in the chain the recipe has been improved ever so slightly, resulting in what is now widely known as the best of the best gingerbread!

The thin and extremely delicious chocolate coating firmly wipes out the competition and leaves no doubt that these are truly the best gingerbread cookies available, and if you were to devise your own – you would want them to be exactly like these!