Xi’an: Goodbye China

October 8, 2005 0 By Jakob

Xi’an, 08/10/2005 at 16:56

We still have a few days to write about here in the blog, but rather than spending our last evening in China writing blog, we’ll be updating it with the last couple of days, more stories, more info, photo gallery , etc. when we come home. To mention a few things from the last couple of days, though, one of the strangest and most challenging things has been to get our bikes onto a train in Beijing and one of the most beautiful and amazing sights has been the thousand terracotta warriors outside Xi’an. We were very happy to have a talk yesterday with two Canadian English teachers and their Chinese students at the South Gate in Xi’an. We could ask the Chinese students about their life in China, and they learned a bit about our life in Europe.

For now it’s time to say goodbye to China, and we’ll do that in the streets, restaurants and shops of the former capital of China, Xi’an. We have to get up tomorrow morning at about 04.30 local time to be about 18 hours later in Amsterdam – approximately 17.00 Central European Time.

It’s been a fantastic holiday!! Still we look forward to our traditional European rhythm of life (and soft beds). Looking forward to see you all and tell the full story !!