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Just spent some time reviewing this blog and upon reviewing it I’ve made some changes. As my motivation to write here is changing, then so will the content. As I’m throwing out a few non-family, non-work actitivies in order to make more time for sports it’s natural that the focus here changes too.

As of now this will become a mixed training log including thoughts about training, progress, and other items mostly related to endurance sports – and endurance sports gadgets as I’ve written about a few times in the past.

That should better support a few training goals of mine, notably half marathon and half marathon with a twist (more on the twist later).

Part of the blogging will be done on the go to keep blogging as efficient as possible, so you might experience a few typos, as my fingers get used to tablet computers on-screen keyboards.

This serves as a warning – let the training begin 🙂

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  1. Looking forward to reading more about your efforts. Hopefully it will help push me in the right direction. I started on the right foot, exercising as much as possible. Then I managed to pull something in my foot, which made it hard walking for 2 weeks..

    Since then I have lost the will, and the time.. I too am trying to make the time to get more done. Not sure I will get to marathon stage, but your energy levels are inspiring!


  2. Post

    Mike, thanks for your reply!

    Without knowing which level you started at, I would think that you did what MANY enthousiastic runners do: you started out too hard. Does that sound right?

    I used to do it all the time!: this should be the time of me getting superfit in a matter of a few months.

    But that just never worked, cause the body can’t keep up with the mind. Therefore the mind needs to slow down. Set different goals. Start out with goals that relate to your current fitness and nevef – ever – increase you mileage or intensity with more than 10% week over week. Also never increase both at the same time.

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