Day 7: Olmoti Crater

Waterfall in the Olmoti Crater

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We left the Ngorongoro lodge in the morning to go to the Empakai Crater. Later on it turned out that the destination had been changed and we stopped much, much earlier at the Olmoti Crater after a long ride around the Ngorongoro Crater on the rim of it.

The Olmoti Crater’s most spectacular view was from a hillside with a view to what must be the only waterfall of the dry season. We were escorted into the crater and inside the crater by a ranger and a maasai warrior (who was not part of the tour, but just very, very curious). Eric and Jakob went down the hill from the rim into the crater together with the ranger.

Having seen what there was to see at Olmoti we left the Ngorongoro conservation area, went to the luxurious Kifaru Lodge close to Karatu and relaxed the rest of the day.

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  1. Another fantastic trip!
    How do you handle 48 degrees C? Do you use a lot of sun block and drink tons of water?
    2$/min is just like Denmark, when cabels aren’t around 😉 I guess that you can’t see Discovery Channel either 🙂
    Enjoy your own discovery and explorer/browser!
    Keep a leach at Leen, and watch out for the lions!
    We look forward to see all the pictures and video, so keep recording your memories!

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