Day 21: Beijing: Tai Chi in the Temple of Heaven Park

Beijing, 05/10/2005 at 23:00

Day 21: Beijing: Tai Chi in the Temple of Heaven Park
Getting up very early we left the hotel at 06.00 to see people do Beijing wake up in the Temple of Heaven Park. “Waking up” in Beijing includes various sports including easy gymnastics, running, tai chi, kung fu with and without weapons, singing, screaming, tennis, badminton, and walking backwards. Quite different from Europe!! The rest of the (early) morning we saw the rest of the temples – unfortunately the Temple of Great Harvest was closed for restoring until April 2006, so we had to do with lesser buildings. The rest of the day we spent shopping for jewelry, chopsticks, tablecloths, watches, traditional Chinese clothing, but we didn’t realy find the right things except for a Chinese shirt for Jolanda. This evening we’ve been to a show at the Lao She Tea House. Singing,, comedy, opera, magic, and acrobatics while having dinner – quite an experience.

Tomorrow evening we’ll celebrate our 5 years anniversary on the night train to Xi’an!

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