Beijing: Back in the Capital

Beijing, 05/10/2005 at 23:00

The weather the last couple of days has been mostly good, but always a bit cloudy. Warm enough, though, for shorts. Below is a quick rundown of most of the events of the days 18-21.

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  1. Nice cap-driver 😉 and thank god that you made it so far! If you by any chance stop by a shop with a PlayStation 3 and it does PAL – then please buy it ;-)L@@king forward to see all the pictures! Hope that you’ll enjoy/RELAX the rest of your “holliday” 🙂

  2. villmols merci !! voor alle verhaaltjes.Dat jullie daarvoor de tijd genomen hebben om zoveel te schrijven; was fijn te lezen en ook te weten dat het jullie goed gaat. Dat jullie nu al 5 jaar samen zijn, niet te geloven ! Nog veel plezier verder en een hele fijne terugreis ! Denk aan het teveel gewicht in het vliegtuig !! J en L

  3. Yesterday, Dad called my attention to a “Pilot Guides” production on TV the same evening which I watched. It perfectly supplied your account of the Great Wall. Especially the part describing the wall at Simatai. The guide Megan hired a guide to find and climb an outlaying and unrestored part of the wall. By the way, I didn’t know about the stairs – and the steepness that every interviewed tourist complained about, so now I’m just a little more enlightened.
    She (Megan) also ate fried scorpios at a market.

    From your travelling plan, I know you’re in “The Empire in the Middle” (“Riget i Midten”), but from your accounts, however entertaining, I sometimes got the feeling that you were “in the middle of nowhere”. Anyway, it all seems fantastic!

    Beijing time now is 20:32, so it seems to be just about now you’re celebrating. Happy anniversary Jolanda & Jakob!



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