A Week Away From Home…

Chengde, 23/9/2005 at 18:30
Before we start with this long story (we’ve been without internet for couple of days) the most important thing to mention is this: We’ve been on the Wall and it is TRULY GREAT! See below what happened from day 6 to day 9.

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  1. Guten Morgen, liebe Freunde. Chinoise et chinois.
    Ich bin davon überzeugt geworden gebliebend gewesen, dass ihr meine Gesellschafft, oder rather I might say, the abscense von der selben, vermisst habt.

    Je suis back. On the net. Surprise, surprise: A hesitating thank to TDC. Jetzt oder später muss ich aber meine e-Post ein bisschen Aufmerksamkeit geben.
    Ist eine ganze Weile her, habt aber keine Ruhe: I´ll be back, when I´ve read about the freezing cold in the Middle. Cheer up: Summer´s almost here. And there.

  2. Hi friends.
    Too much sometimes is too much. I wrote my first comment not having read of the last couple of days, you´ve experienced. You live and you learn. You might take a day or two off, might otherwise be a good idea.
    You´ll learn to know a country, a people, a few people

  3. – well, got locked out.

    far better by staying anywhere for a few days, and lights could be brighter – your desicion, not mine.
    I´m a bit surprised, I have to admit – This wall, which is real astonishing on photo´s and is clearly visible from the moon, when last I was there, and is some engineering, I guess, my first thoughts would concern those thousands and thousands of people, who died building it, and how little use it proved to have. Never mind,just remember, that a straight fixed, planned schedule won´t always work.
    And there´s nothing, nothing at all to be sorry for.
    If you aren´t taking your chances in life, you´re never gonna have – a life.
    You know. I´m just sitting behind my pc.


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