Go for it!

June 24, 2008 0 By Jakob

Just spend a few minutes reading off a post on Stephan Derksen’s blog. Stephan is a sales professional and draws on his experience when adding content to the blog.

The most recent blog post with the title “Set yourself up for success” ties nicely into my vision of continuous self-development, so I thought I’d quote the key part of his post here. This is what it comes down to when developing yourself, making sure you have what it takes to do what you wish on short term and long term. It goes like this:

1) Dream your dreams
2) Set your goals (1yr, 5 yrs, 10yrs, lifetime) to make your dreams come true, and share them with your environment (to create accountability, and allow others to help)
3) Break those goals down into realistic timeframes (half year, quarter, month, week, day)
4) Plan your day with those goals in mind (priority setting)
5) Make it happen, by being faithful to the daily targets you set (discipline)
6) Celebrate your milestones (don’t make them too easy, and don’t make them unattainable either)
7) Repeat

Stephan covers issues which are now more important than ever. With increased globalization the only one who’s now driving you to reach your goals – is you. Noone else is going to push you. You’re on your own – like you should be.

To get you started on managing your own goals, I found a website listing all sorts of goal management tools:
http://www.kaboodle.com/rcavin/goal-management.html. Now it’s time for you to go set your own goals.

Have ambition and make it happen!