First Run in Newton Neutral Performance Trainer a.k.a. Gravity

February 22, 2011 3 By Jakob
First time out with the Newton Gravity.
Pretty interesting run, as the running style changes a bit. Ran the distance in what’s generally referred to as a front-foot running shoe.
For the first three kilometers I went on in a relatively relaxed sub-5-minute pace. Point here is that sub-5-minutes usually isn’t relaxed for me, so the first impression is that I CAN run faster with these shoes.
That said the calves still need to get used to this type of running: after the first 3-4 kilometers I did start to feel it a bit of soreness and slowed down to avoid injury.
Now, a few hours later, I seem to be fine. A bit tired in the calves but otherwise feeling good.
Looking forward to more runs with the new shoes.