Day 13: Last Day and Kim’s Restaurant

October 9, 2006 1 By Jakob

Relaxing! That’s what we did on this the last day on Zanzibar. Eric and Jakob went snorkeling for a couple of hours with Captain Sappi, but for the rest of the day everything was about relaxing and a bit of packing for the early morning start the next day.

We had been trying to find Kim’s Restaurant a day earlier, and instead found Kim himself who cooked for us at the Kipepeo Lodge. He also invited us to his own place – praised by the Rough Guide as a place with high quality food for a decent price.

Before we arrived Leen had been around the place to see how it was, and had found: No lights, chicken running freely around inside and outside, no chairs, etc. Not really what you expect from a restaurant that’s going to be the culinary high of the holiday. Our expectations were thus not too high when we arrived in the evening.

Kim welcomed us and treated us first to a starter and then to his fabulous and indeed classic coconut-crusted fish with mango chutney, rice and freshly prepared vegetables. What a treat! We could do nothing else than agree that this was the best dinner during the total 2 weeks in Tanzania. It felt like a shame to eat that last piece of coconut-crusted fish, because after it there would be no more.

With our stomachs full we walked back to the hotel via the moon-lit beach for the last time.