10 years of Thusgaard.com

February 7, 2009 1 By Jakob

Yesterday was the 10-year anniversary of Thusgaard.com, and today it’s time for something new.

Thusgaard.com has been many things in the past 10 years: the domain has served and serves as email server for a number of people whose names fit the domain name; it’s been a plain website in the days when website design was difficult, portal page, and for the past 7-8 years WordPress has been installed on Thusgaard.com. During the entire 10 years the content has been hosted by six different companies, and for the last 3,5 years Unoeuro.com does an excellent job of keeping the site running.

Most notable appearance on the site in terms of content, has been my sister Astrid’s blog which she recently started under her own domain name at http://connectingthedots.dk. During that period we were running WordPress multi-user, keeping the door open for anyone with a desire to start their own blog.

Recently when Astrid moved out, she mentioned that the newest version of WordPress looked a whole lot better than the lacking-behind dashboard of WPMU.

So as Astrid has moved out, an none of all the other Thusgaard.com users are actually maintaining websites at Thusgaard.com, I thought I’d skip the jakob. in my URL and start the website design of Thusgaard.com all over again. As I’m writing this the new design is far from finished, but as always with WordPress it works.

So the website has changed once more – on to the next 10 years.