Finally Back in Training!!

After an irritating 10 days after my dental operation last week, today was the first day that I was back in training. And how very nice that was! colleague of mine from LogMeIn extended the courtesy of sharing some of his fitness and pulling me around an 11km route in the area. During the past 10 days my changed eating habits caused me to loose some 2-3 kilos – they’ll probably come back on pretty fast – and I didn’t train, so some loss of fitness is inevitable.

He kept me in the red during most of the run, but it was just nice to be out and about moving around again. The weather was nice and sunny – very much unlike Amsterdam in the fall – so it was pretty easy to enjoy. We ended up doing 5:04mins/km, which you’ll also see in the training content here, so nothing to brag all that much about. Right now I just want to start again extending that by 10% weekly, so I get a nice and steady build up to 21,1km – the half marathon distance.

That’s the only race that has been set up for next year – this route takes runners across one of the highway bridges in Denmark. I’ve done it once on rollerskates and what you don’t see when you drive it by car is the constant incline to the mid-point of the hang bridge. I bet many runners will be surprised at this. That actually makes me think that I need to work lunges and squats into my running to have excess strength to take on “Broløbet 2011“, as the race is called on May 28th 2011.

Oh, and I have to work on my rest as well. Get in as much sleep before midnight as possible, seems to be the advice. Do they mean the same day or the next day? 😉 Jakob signing off at 23:59…

Self-supported Duathlon, Sprint Distance

With only, well, very little time to go before the birth I thought the hot weather in Amsterdam today was a great opportunity to go and do a self-supported Duathlon. Inspired by Astrid (who says her legs are a machine…) and Mads and first got the idea from the good guys at 140.6, I went for a more modest distance than the ironman guys and did a duathlon instead of a triathlon.

And it just felt great. Doing the first run in about 27 minutes is not that great, but with another 22,5 kilometers to go of the official ITU sprint distance. Next up was 20 km bike which went pretty good and finishing the entire event with a quick 2,5 kilometers repeating my kilometer speed from earlier, finishing that run in about 13-14 minutes.

I’m wondering why I didn’t do this much earlier. Thing is that if you want to do a self-supported triathlon, you need to think of logistics like what to bring to the water; where to put your bike; where to put your swimming gear afterwards, etc. A self-supported duathlon is much different: Just run 2,5 kilometers and run back where you have your bike. Then ride 10 kilometers and 10K back to the shoes, and do those 2,5 kilometers + some cooldown. Easy!

Anybody with half-decent running and cycling skills can get themselves to a level where they’ll beat my 1 hour 26 minutes or so time. And so will I. Try it out for yourself, but be careful – you might just get hooked on it!