Tech: Endomondo Adds Events Sharing
For all those Endomondo users who use the events feature of Endomondo to build a calendar of events for the year or period ahead: Sharing is now available. Endomondo launched the feature today.

I’m doing a half marathon in May 2011 – Broløbet 2011 – and in this post you’ll see that event shared on the right. Pretty nifty feature for those hosting events who want to build their own live event map. Endomondo also have a demo available on their blog. I think I might actually be running with a live Endomondo tracker during that race…

Now all we need is that race organizers start to see the potential of having a live map with adds around it hosted on infrastructure they can use for free. Sounds like a no-brainer!! The new feature even includes an option for spectators or participants to comment on the event.

10 years of

Yesterday was the 10-year anniversary of, and today it’s time for something new. has been many things in the past 10 years: the domain has served and serves as email server for a number of people whose names fit the domain name; it’s been a plain website in the days when website design was difficult, portal page, and for the past 7-8 years WordPress has been installed on During the entire 10 years the content has been hosted by six different companies, and for the last 3,5 years does an excellent job of keeping the site running.

Most notable appearance on the site in terms of content, has been my sister Astrid’s blog which she recently started under her own domain name at During that period we were running WordPress multi-user, keeping the door open for anyone with a desire to start their own blog.

Recently when Astrid moved out, she mentioned that the newest version of WordPress looked a whole lot better than the lacking-behind dashboard of WPMU.

So as Astrid has moved out, an none of all the other users are actually maintaining websites at, I thought I’d skip the jakob. in my URL and start the website design of all over again. As I’m writing this the new design is far from finished, but as always with WordPress it works.

So the website has changed once more – on to the next 10 years. Welcomes

Jesper G. Thusgaard is a long time user on and has been running his own subdomain on this domain for a long time. Now, however, he’s decided to “go solo” with his own domain name. The choice was obvious which is why is very happy to welcome to the world.

On his domain Jesper will surely continue to talk about various topics and the two sites will no doubt continue close cooperation and dialogue on how to tweak the most out of blogging tool WordPress.

[tags]blogging, webdesign, thusgaard, domain names, .eu, .com, wordpress[/tags] Domain Name Birthday

Today is celebrating it’s 7 years birthday. Originally registered in 1999, having had 3 different designs throughout those years, it’s been hosted in Denmark and Luxembourg by a handful of different companies, and is currently administrated out of Netherlands.

Furthermore it has transformed and followed web culture forward (as much as a family site can find resources to do), with e-mail to around 20 individuals named Thusgaard, and meanwhile with relatively independent blogs attached to it.

It’s a fairly international site with many participants either active or in the background and promising posts across a multitude of topics.

Here’s to 7 more great years – Happy Birthday !!!

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Favorite Firefox Extensions

It’s obvious to most that Firefox is gaining ground these days and becoming a threat to Microsoft Internet Explorer. One of the things that separate Firefox from the rest and specifically from Microsoft’s browser is the ability to install your own Extensions of choice on top of the base installation of Firefox.

Below I’ll be listing my view of the greatest extensions for Firefox at this moment in time. A number of these improve Firefox’ performance to parallel performance in Internet Explorer, while others make Internet Explorer look like it’s a few generations behind…

Let’s begin:
IE Tab: For those web pages that are trapped in an Internet Explorer based design, this extension allows you to open an Internet Explorer tab inside Firefox. Never open IE again !

DeskCut: Makes it possible to place a bookmark on your Windows desktop.

FireFTP: Integrates a small, fully functional FTP client with Firefox. Still in beta, but works very well !

LinkedIn Companion: If you’re a user of this professional networking service, the LinkedIn Companion could very well come in handy. Contains shortcuts to a number of LinkedIn functions.

Add Bookmark Here: Enables you to add a bookmark anywhere in your bookmark structure. Very warmly recommended !!!

Del.icio.Us: Puts two extra buttons in your Firefox toolbar to ease access to Del.Icio.Us and to easier tag bookmarks for Del.Icio.Us.

Fasterfox: Tweaks Firefox and makes Fast even Faster !

Performancing: WordPress blog editor integrated with Firefox.

Adsense Notifier: Keeps you updated on your Adsense earnings. Click the button in the top of this post to get Firefox and make my Adsense Notifier Extension tick.

Image Zoom: Image Zoom extension to zoom in on too small images.

Now, obviously many other people have written posts about their favourite extensions as well. Check them out here:
Roger Johansson @ 456 Berea ST, and David Naylor @ Naylog (Thanks for the tip on the Answers extension).

Now it’s all up to you to make the most of your Internet experience.

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Adsense and Comments Plugins for WordPress blogs

Jesper Thusgaard over at has upgraded to WP2.0 and has a few plugins running on the site. I wanted to make a comment on his blog mentioning a few plugs that I use for this blog, but ended up deciding to post the advice here, so others can benefit.

The plugins that are in use here at the moment:
Spam Karma 2 2.0 Final r4, Adsense-Deluxe 0.5, Del.Icio.Us Integrator 0.6, FAlbum 0.5.6, Google Analytics 1.0, SimpleTags 1.1, StatTraq 1.0a beta, Subscribe to Comments 2.0.2, Subscribe2 2.1.6, WP Flickr Post Bar 0.3, WP-ContactForm 1.3, and WordPress Database Backup

A few of the plugins have been added since my last post. The additions are Subscribe to Comments, Adsense Deluxe, Google Analytics, and Spam Karma.
– Subscribe to Comments will allow people who comment on posts get an update notification when additional comments are posted to the blog.

– Adsense Deluxe will allow you to add Adsense to your blog.

– Google Analytics allows you to make use of Google Analytics.

– Spam Karma is a really efficient Spam annihilator.

Those are all the additions. The most useful of the additions are Adsense Deluxe and Subscribe to Comments. Adsense Deluxe because it makes it really easy to flexibly change Adsense ads and Subscribe to Comments because it makes it much easier for contacts to stay updated with replies to their comments.

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Design Finalized!

It’s been a few years since I last looked into any kind of design for Over the past year I’ve been trying to get the most out of multiple content management solutions and the problem always ends up being the same: The time that I’d need to invest in figuring out how they work is just usually out of proportion with the importance of having a private website that runs OK. After all I don’t depend financially on the well-being of anything ending with

With the scenario changed a bit. WordPress has a huge user base, is freeware, has loads of independent developers that write load of little tweaks, hacks, plugins, and themes for the software package. This meant that I could go ahead and “design” a new site with very little knowledge of PHP and little knowledge about using stylesheets. Even without this the new site has a few special features, that I’d like to talk a bit about: The key to the whole thing, the blogging solution that makes it easy for private people to have a dynamic website which is easy to update.

Neat!: The design that I used to adapt WordPress to my needs. Photo service which you can use for free to upload pictures, which you can post and integrate with your blog – either directly from or with plugins for WordPress.

FAlbum: GREAT plugin by Elijah Cornell for integration between and WordPress. Today I just needed to find out how to post a random picture instead of the most recent one, and that was solved with an upgrade. integrator: This plugin by Eric Anderson helps you post all your links in the sidebar and on a seperate page. Very helpful to show what you’ve been surfing!

StatTraq: Solid statistics plugin by Randy Peterman that shows all you’d ever want to know about your visitors.

Subscribe2: Skippy’s plugin which lets you create an e-mail news alert that goes out to subscribers to news from your blog!

WP Flickr Post BarWP Flickr Post Bar: If the posting feature on doesn’t quite do it for you, this plugin by Joe Tan gives you the ability to post photos straight from your WordPress Write Post page.

43 : At you can post your list of places to go or places you’ve been or where you want to go. In addition you can make a seperate page with a map of your 43 places as it is seen on Finally it’s possible to make individual posts from to your blog.

WordPress Database Backup: Skippy finally delivered yet another plugin. When you’ve set it all up and it’s all running, what should not happen? That it all disappears without a recent backup being available. This plugin allows you to do a full backup of your database in order to make sure that you can upload it all again if things go wrong.

I now consider the work for done. I have very few things that I’d still like to get in place. One of them is to figure out how to make sure that is updated with the posts from all members of the page. It has to do with posting to different blogs at once or cross-posting or something like that. Not sure. But for now, my work here is done…!