New Skype 2.5 Beta is out NOW !

Update at 03rd of Mary 18:41:
Apparently during today Skype has posted the Beta straight on their website. Go get it by clicking here. The version pointed to earlier today is indeed the same ! Here’s a list of the great new features:

– Call normal phones easily from Skype with our new SkypeOut Easy Dialing and new ways to pay.
– Easily keep in touch with friends and family by using Shared Groups to share contact details and introduce friends.
– Create a social space for your group for free with conference calling and group chat.
– Call your Outlook® contacts directly from Skype.
– Send SMS messages to your friends from Skype.

So far I’ve only tested the SMS function in Denmark and the Netherlands with Telia and Vodafone respectively, which worked very well !

Just wanted to point everyone to the new downloadable Skype 2.5 Beta – click here to download. I found it quite difficult to find the link myself, so I thought I’d just go ahead and post it here.

You’ll enjoy the new global SMS feature, and a lot of other things that I haven’t had the chance to check out yet !

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Today is celebrating it’s 7 years birthday. Originally registered in 1999, having had 3 different designs throughout those years, it’s been hosted in Denmark and Luxembourg by a handful of different companies, and is currently administrated out of Netherlands.

Furthermore it has transformed and followed web culture forward (as much as a family site can find resources to do), with e-mail to around 20 individuals named Thusgaard, and meanwhile with relatively independent blogs attached to it.

It’s a fairly international site with many participants either active or in the background and promising posts across a multitude of topics.

Here’s to 7 more great years – Happy Birthday !!!

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Favorite Firefox Extensions

It’s obvious to most that Firefox is gaining ground these days and becoming a threat to Microsoft Internet Explorer. One of the things that separate Firefox from the rest and specifically from Microsoft’s browser is the ability to install your own Extensions of choice on top of the base installation of Firefox.

Below I’ll be listing my view of the greatest extensions for Firefox at this moment in time. A number of these improve Firefox’ performance to parallel performance in Internet Explorer, while others make Internet Explorer look like it’s a few generations behind…

Let’s begin:
IE Tab: For those web pages that are trapped in an Internet Explorer based design, this extension allows you to open an Internet Explorer tab inside Firefox. Never open IE again !

DeskCut: Makes it possible to place a bookmark on your Windows desktop.

FireFTP: Integrates a small, fully functional FTP client with Firefox. Still in beta, but works very well !

LinkedIn Companion: If you’re a user of this professional networking service, the LinkedIn Companion could very well come in handy. Contains shortcuts to a number of LinkedIn functions.

Add Bookmark Here: Enables you to add a bookmark anywhere in your bookmark structure. Very warmly recommended !!!

Del.icio.Us: Puts two extra buttons in your Firefox toolbar to ease access to Del.Icio.Us and to easier tag bookmarks for Del.Icio.Us.

Fasterfox: Tweaks Firefox and makes Fast even Faster !

Performancing: WordPress blog editor integrated with Firefox.

Adsense Notifier: Keeps you updated on your Adsense earnings. Click the button in the top of this post to get Firefox and make my Adsense Notifier Extension tick.

Image Zoom: Image Zoom extension to zoom in on too small images.

Now, obviously many other people have written posts about their favourite extensions as well. Check them out here:
Roger Johansson @ 456 Berea ST, and David Naylor @ Naylog (Thanks for the tip on the Answers extension).

Now it’s all up to you to make the most of your Internet experience.

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Adsense and Comments Plugins for WordPress blogs

Jesper Thusgaard over at has upgraded to WP2.0 and has a few plugins running on the site. I wanted to make a comment on his blog mentioning a few plugs that I use for this blog, but ended up deciding to post the advice here, so others can benefit.

The plugins that are in use here at the moment:
Spam Karma 2 2.0 Final r4, Adsense-Deluxe 0.5, Del.Icio.Us Integrator 0.6, FAlbum 0.5.6, Google Analytics 1.0, SimpleTags 1.1, StatTraq 1.0a beta, Subscribe to Comments 2.0.2, Subscribe2 2.1.6, WP Flickr Post Bar 0.3, WP-ContactForm 1.3, and WordPress Database Backup

A few of the plugins have been added since my last post. The additions are Subscribe to Comments, Adsense Deluxe, Google Analytics, and Spam Karma.
– Subscribe to Comments will allow people who comment on posts get an update notification when additional comments are posted to the blog.

– Adsense Deluxe will allow you to add Adsense to your blog.

– Google Analytics allows you to make use of Google Analytics.

– Spam Karma is a really efficient Spam annihilator.

Those are all the additions. The most useful of the additions are Adsense Deluxe and Subscribe to Comments. Adsense Deluxe because it makes it really easy to flexibly change Adsense ads and Subscribe to Comments because it makes it much easier for contacts to stay updated with replies to their comments.

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KISS DP-600 leaves me wondering…

Kiss Networked Entertainment presents DP-600
So Kiss has come out with their most recent bid to become your networked home entertainment center, and with a price around 350 € for the DP-600 that does indeed sound interesting. But if you compare it to the slightly older DP-558 with 200GB hard drive, which is currently available for around 440 € in Germany, 490 € in the Netherlands, and about 3.500 DKK (470 €) in Denmark, you start wondering what you get for those extra 150 € (depending on country). The VR-558 comes with a 300GB hard disk and does not seem to have a whole lot more to offer than the DP-558 besides increased price.

It seems from the info that I can find online at this point in time that the differences are these:
– the DP-558 has 200 GB of recording hard disk space;
– the DP-600 has support for High Definition, but can’t record.

At this point in time I can’t find a review of the DP-600, but will continue to look for one in order to get more information on this box. So far I’m definitely much more a fan of the recorder-type boxes and think that the DP-558 probably still offers the best value for money.

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Skype for Smartphone

Skype LogoAs mentioned in my brief review of the Qtek 8310 in November the phone comes with Wifi. In the mean time I have had the time to test it out and some of the things that I particularly like about this phone is the ability to check e-mail and websites, which works really well.

Last time I mentioned that I was missing applications like Skype on my Smartphone. It seems now according to that that anyway is possible. Check out the workaround here.

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Introducing Qtek 8310 !

Finally I’m approaching the end of my Vodafone subscription and I could go out and choose a new telephone and after heavy studies of all pros and cons I finally went for the Qtek 8310.

The Qtek 8310 is really designed and manufactured by Taiwanese HTC and is also known as T-mobile SDAII and i-mate SP5.

Using the 8310 is similar to using any other smartphone or Windows device. There are a few tweaks with Qtek 8310 and Windows Mobile 5, which make the experience nicer: You can upload pictures of your contacts in sync and the screen is larger than on previous models.

But obviously the REAL added value comes from the built-in Wireless LAN (802.11b), which can be switched on or off on the fly. It works easily with most networks and it’s easy to pick up network signals and set up an Internet connection.

Windows Mobile 5 and HTC’s move to a faster processor has dramatically increased the speed compared to past models like the Hurricane. That change makes the experience more like working with a PDA than sitting with a telephone.

With the introduction of Windows Mobile 5 Microsoft has chosen to change the way that devices communicate with ActiveSync – the software used for synchronisation. The problem is that Microsoft has chosen to treat Smartphones and PDAs running Windows Mobile 5 as network devices. If you have a firewall installed on your desktop – and you most likely do – it will block what the traffic from the device as traffic through the ports required by ActiveSync is normally blocked by default. Even if ActiveSync works is a trusted program you need to open the ports yourself.

Microsoft has provided a troubleshooting guide, which should help you solve the problem. Still, a certain level of confidence in dealing with network security and general PC settings are valuable assets in this process. That makes the Qtek 8310 (a.k.a. HTC Tornado/T-Mobile SDA-II/i-Mate SP5) a smartphone unsuitable (and probably anyway undesirable) for anyone without those skills.

Finally make sure that your telephone has the T9 dictionaries of your choice. Mine did not come with the Danish dictionary, and now I have to start tweaking the registry and find the right dictionary file online to make Danish work, which is quite a hazzle.

Note btw. that I do not mention the new Orange SPV C600, which is essentially the same telephone, but without WLAN support.

In summary the new things are the WLAN-support, Windows Mobile 5 and the new processor. Those three make this telephone worth a look, if you’re in the market for a telephone with WLAN support.

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