My Mother’s Secret Gingerbread Recipe

HONNINGKAGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I always look forward to the end of the year where we usually end up spending Christmas in Denmark. This year is no exception!

We arrived from the Netherlands yesterday and yesterday evening we were part of an ancient ritual – at least it’s ancient in our family:

The baking of gingerbread!

Gingerbread, I think, has been part of my christmas for as long as I have lived. Over the past 6 years, though, the gingerbread situation has been challenging. The German “Lebkuchen” are definitely NOT the same thing (or even close to it) and although Ikea sells some products that are generically interesting for Scandinavians abroad they just haven’t gotten that one right yet.

Maybe one of the main reasons that they haven’t is that we, in our family, have a secret recipe, transferred from mother to daughter for generations. With every new link in the chain the recipe has been improved ever so slightly, resulting in what is now widely known as the best of the best gingerbread!

The thin and extremely delicious chocolate coating firmly wipes out the competition and leaves no doubt that these are truly the best gingerbread cookies available, and if you were to devise your own – you would want them to be exactly like these!



Jolanda & Jakob: Just Married

Jolanda & Jakob Jolanda and Jakob got married and became Mr. and Mrs. Thusgaard. We had a great day in the Thamerkerk and Hotel Restaurant Het Rechthuis in Uithoorn. Visitors from Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, and Norway made the day absolutely unforgettable.

Have a look at the whole thing over at this site.

The wedding was followed by an amazing honeymoon to Thailand – this time without the bikes. The honeymoon pictures are available on the wedding pictures site as well. Welcomes

Jesper G. Thusgaard is a long time user on and has been running his own subdomain on this domain for a long time. Now, however, he’s decided to “go solo” with his own domain name. The choice was obvious which is why is very happy to welcome to the world.

On his domain Jesper will surely continue to talk about various topics and the two sites will no doubt continue close cooperation and dialogue on how to tweak the most out of blogging tool WordPress.

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The Boys Came Around

We’re now less than a week away from getting married, and on Saturday the 5th The Boys carried out a surprise hit to kidnap me from all our planning and doing – for the Bachelor’s Day!
Starting out with beer for breakfast is not really my usual first choice, but for a bachelor that’s the only right choice, and everybody in a happy mood we went for the cars to go… where??

De Boerinn is a farm somewhere in the center of the Netherlands, which offers all sorts of activities. One of the activities they offer is to provide an unsafe environment for bachelors. The Boys did their best to help De Boerinn live up to their mission statement and frequently threw myself and eachother into the muddy waters around the farm.

What do you need when you’ve been falling into the water. More beer it would seem, and we moved from De Boerinn south to Utrecht, which has some cozy cafés in the city centre.

After an exhausting afternoon in the polder and drinking beer in Utrecht, Het Nachtrestaurant at Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht was the restaurant of choice to fill our empty stomachs and prepare us for the night.

Finally we went into the night – first in Utrecht, later in Amsterdam – and the rest of the story has got to be left to your imagination. We promised eachother that I’m the one who knows what happened. And I’m not telling ! 😉

IT Industry Podcasts

Official Podcast Logo Podcasts seem to have become the next big thing for people on the go (meaning anyone), for large organisations who want to market themselves externally or internally, for educational institutions and for radio stations and others who are stakeholders in some form of media.

For a while now I’ve using podcasts to stay updated with what happens in the industry I work in – Computer Networking – and instead of sending e-mails out, I thought I’d list the podcasts below. These are not only my favorite podcasts on networking and technology – they’re also the only ones. I generally use these for additional information on the IT and Computer Networking industries and to get to hear views that are slightly ahead of the curve or provide different perspective on some of the issues that I spend a lot of my time working with.

Cisco Executive Thought Leadership Podcast Feed –
Comment: This is Cisco executives’ channel for their piece of input on various issues – usually focused on how networking can help both business and individuals develop and grow. Insightful and educative.

News@Cisco –

The World: Technology from BBC/PRI/WGBH –

Gartner Voice –

Computerworld TechCast –

IT Newscast –

Network World Radio –

networking –

VoIP Magazine Online (Podcasts) –

CIO Podcasts –
Comments: Jim Baldoni’s CIO coaching podcasts.

This last one is for whenever I’m tired of all of the above and just want to relax a bit!:
Dance Department –

More about specific players in a future post. Feel free to post comments with your own favourite networking and IT industry podcasts.

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Cycling TV Online

Bobby Julich I absolutely have to make a quick post about this! Cycling TV is now online 24/7 at This is amazing – I’ve been waiting for this since I first came online !!

Enjoy !

[tags]Cycling,TV,Cykling,Internet,Streaming TV, Streaming [/tags] Domain Name Birthday

Today is celebrating it’s 7 years birthday. Originally registered in 1999, having had 3 different designs throughout those years, it’s been hosted in Denmark and Luxembourg by a handful of different companies, and is currently administrated out of Netherlands.

Furthermore it has transformed and followed web culture forward (as much as a family site can find resources to do), with e-mail to around 20 individuals named Thusgaard, and meanwhile with relatively independent blogs attached to it.

It’s a fairly international site with many participants either active or in the background and promising posts across a multitude of topics.

Here’s to 7 more great years – Happy Birthday !!!

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Re-discovering Chopstick Skills

On the 15th of Janaury, Jakob’s birthday, we went to the Amsterdam restaurant “Sea Palace” to re-discover our chopstick eating skills. Everything worked out nicely and they even served our favorite dishes from China: Chicken pieces with nuts and vegetables in a spicy sauce and of course roast duck with rice.

The contrast between the average Chinese restaurant in China and the Sea Palace is huge ! Sea Palace is extremely decorated on the inside to make it look “Chinese”. Only, restaurants in China that we visited certainly looked a lot more basic than that – usually with little more decoration than tables and chairs.

Having filled our stomachs at the Sea Palace we continued to proeflokaal Wynand Focking to a reading by Herb van Drongelen on his 6-year adventure mentioned here.

Very inspiring and a good way to finish the birthday.

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Skype for Smartphone

Skype LogoAs mentioned in my brief review of the Qtek 8310 in November the phone comes with Wifi. In the mean time I have had the time to test it out and some of the things that I particularly like about this phone is the ability to check e-mail and websites, which works really well.

Last time I mentioned that I was missing applications like Skype on my Smartphone. It seems now according to that that anyway is possible. Check out the workaround here.

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Introducing Qtek 8310 !

Finally I’m approaching the end of my Vodafone subscription and I could go out and choose a new telephone and after heavy studies of all pros and cons I finally went for the Qtek 8310.

The Qtek 8310 is really designed and manufactured by Taiwanese HTC and is also known as T-mobile SDAII and i-mate SP5.

Using the 8310 is similar to using any other smartphone or Windows device. There are a few tweaks with Qtek 8310 and Windows Mobile 5, which make the experience nicer: You can upload pictures of your contacts in sync and the screen is larger than on previous models.

But obviously the REAL added value comes from the built-in Wireless LAN (802.11b), which can be switched on or off on the fly. It works easily with most networks and it’s easy to pick up network signals and set up an Internet connection.

Windows Mobile 5 and HTC’s move to a faster processor has dramatically increased the speed compared to past models like the Hurricane. That change makes the experience more like working with a PDA than sitting with a telephone.

With the introduction of Windows Mobile 5 Microsoft has chosen to change the way that devices communicate with ActiveSync – the software used for synchronisation. The problem is that Microsoft has chosen to treat Smartphones and PDAs running Windows Mobile 5 as network devices. If you have a firewall installed on your desktop – and you most likely do – it will block what the traffic from the device as traffic through the ports required by ActiveSync is normally blocked by default. Even if ActiveSync works is a trusted program you need to open the ports yourself.

Microsoft has provided a troubleshooting guide, which should help you solve the problem. Still, a certain level of confidence in dealing with network security and general PC settings are valuable assets in this process. That makes the Qtek 8310 (a.k.a. HTC Tornado/T-Mobile SDA-II/i-Mate SP5) a smartphone unsuitable (and probably anyway undesirable) for anyone without those skills.

Finally make sure that your telephone has the T9 dictionaries of your choice. Mine did not come with the Danish dictionary, and now I have to start tweaking the registry and find the right dictionary file online to make Danish work, which is quite a hazzle.

Note btw. that I do not mention the new Orange SPV C600, which is essentially the same telephone, but without WLAN support.

In summary the new things are the WLAN-support, Windows Mobile 5 and the new processor. Those three make this telephone worth a look, if you’re in the market for a telephone with WLAN support.

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