New Interval Training Exercise

I’m trying to pick up a regular workout scheme again and this week I’m back in the gym again. Yesterday morning Lucy gave me this exercise that she thought would be good for me, and I wanted to share it with you for your own training pleasure.

It’s a cardio exercise with a strong focus on intervals. The setup is a gym with a stepper, treadmill, cross-trainer, cardio bike, rowing machine, and an Arc Trainer from Cybex, but you can use a cardio setup of your own choice.

Essentially it’s quite simple and goes like this. Start on any machine and rotate through the other machines until you’ve done them all in the following way:

1. 1 minute of hard workout, 1 minute relax
2. 45 second hard workout, 45 seconds relax
3. 30 seconds hard workout, 30 seconds relax
4. 15 seconds hard workout, 15 seconds relax
5. Move to next piece of equipment
6. Repeat

This is tough and I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you’re just picking up working out. Do it if you want to increase your cardiovascular capacity, burn more fat than with longer – lower intensity exercises, and increase performance. Enjoy the ride…

Go for it!

Just spend a few minutes reading off a post on Stephan Derksen’s blog. Stephan is a sales professional and draws on his experience when adding content to the blog.

The most recent blog post with the title “Set yourself up for success” ties nicely into my vision of continuous self-development, so I thought I’d quote the key part of his post here. This is what it comes down to when developing yourself, making sure you have what it takes to do what you wish on short term and long term. It goes like this:

1) Dream your dreams
2) Set your goals (1yr, 5 yrs, 10yrs, lifetime) to make your dreams come true, and share them with your environment (to create accountability, and allow others to help)
3) Break those goals down into realistic timeframes (half year, quarter, month, week, day)
4) Plan your day with those goals in mind (priority setting)
5) Make it happen, by being faithful to the daily targets you set (discipline)
6) Celebrate your milestones (don’t make them too easy, and don’t make them unattainable either)
7) Repeat

Stephan covers issues which are now more important than ever. With increased globalization the only one who’s now driving you to reach your goals – is you. Noone else is going to push you. You’re on your own – like you should be.

To get you started on managing your own goals, I found a website listing all sorts of goal management tools: Now it’s time for you to go set your own goals.

Have ambition and make it happen!

Thoughts on Moscow

Currently flying the last hour to Amsterdam returning from a few days in Moscow – look below for a few posts.

Moscow surprised me a bit. Despite reports saying that English is becoming lingua franca in business, the capital still seems like there’s a long way to go before this communication barrier really dissappears. As in most other countries fluency in English is seen in international companies (granted: I only have 1 example), and some internationally related hospitality i.e. hotels. In stores and on the street I was not able to get far with English (or any other language for that matter). In addition you have the “cyrillic challenge” which complicates even simple tasks, like ordering a happy meal. though I can’t recommend happy meals the challenge of not being able to read combined with not being able explain the simplest things makes Moscow a challenging and without doubt for some at time frustrating city to visit.

My Russian colleagues shared with me that you shouldn’t think Moscow is like the rest of the country – or vice versa.

So, if that’s correct then the rest of Russia must have far, far to go… My Moscow experience was not unlike visiting Beijing a few years except that Moscow has more of all the well-known mainstream brands – both b2b and b2c. people shouldn’t kid themselves when deciding for a short og longterm venture in Moscow.

There’s still quite some cultural distance for them to cover – and for the rest of us.

Cyrillic Challenges

I’ve spent the better half of the evening trying to navigate through Moscow using the cyrillic alphabet. Tomorow’s a normal working day here and so I’ve thrown the towel in the ring at about 2200 hrs. a taxi is speeding me through Moscow to what I hope is my hotel. tomorrow there is another day where I can try myself on navigation.

Without Google and the internet I would never have gotten this far. Google maps have provided directions. Wikitravel has provided all the info on Moscow and it still wasn’t enough to get me all the way to the hotel on my own steam. Without all of the above, though, I would have had to take the over-priced taxis from the airport to the hotel.

I wonder how I’ll get to the office tomorow…