Day 4: Lake Manyara – Serengeti

When we looked out of the windows on early morning the 30th of September we could see nearly nothing. The entire hill above Lake Manyara National Park was covered in mist. The plan for the day was a drive from Lake Manyara to the Serengeti plains. It kept on being misty pretty much all morning and only around noon when we were already far onto the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the mist started to drift away and the sun shone through.

While the proud Maasai warriors and farmer greeted us all the way through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, we stopped seeing them as soon as we entered the Serengeti, which they were banned from using years ago. The area that they have now been allowed to use – the Ngorongoro Conservation Area – is a barren , dry, and dusty place especially in the dry season.

When we got onto the Serengeti plains we started seeing increased amounts of thomson gazelle and grant gazelle. Also hyenas, giraffe, elephant, hippos, zebras and a single leopard almost out of view were part of another memorable day of Safari.

Day 3: Lake Manyara

On the third day of our two weeks here we went all the way from Moshi to Lake Manyara National Park. That’s probably around a 170km ride, but it still took more than two hours to get there in our Landrover Defender. Once in the park we had great views of many animals including these baboons, but also many elephants, pelicans, and zebras – all of that already on our first day.

Moshi – by the foot of Kilimanjaro

So we’ve now pretty much enjoyed our first day here. I’m writing now, since we’re probably not going to be in touch with any kind of connection  whatsoever over the next couple of days.

We arrived yesterday at Kilimanjaro International airport and went straight to the hotel on the outskirts of Moshi. Yesterday evening when we arrived, Moshi looked pretty dead, but this morning we took the shuttle bus to the city centre, and Moshi turned out to be a bustling 200.000 citizens town with much life to show. Spending some time at a cafe certainly gave Eric the chance to make a couple of great shots of people doing their things; the police on a razzia, a guy carrying a ton of cast iron on a huge wheel barrow, that kind of stuff. People are in general extremely friendly, and we’ve rarely had the feeling that people see us as walking cash machines. Just the kids seem to never give up in asking for money, pens, or chocolate.

Back at Hotel Springlands we’ve now been briefed on the next 7 days of safari. Up tomorrow is Lake Manyara and further down the road we’ll be visiting the Ngorongoro crater, the Serengeti National Park and many other (I’m sure) great places to see!! Already looking forward to show some pictures here – can’t do that as this place is being highly protective about their computers. Quite understandable, I guess.

Looking very much forward to tell about our safari adventures later !!! 🙂

We’re going !

So… Tanzania is currently 25 hours away – or at least the airplane going to Tanzania is. While there I do not expect that we’re spending large amounts of time in Internet cafés, so in order for you to see when this space gets updated, do subscribe by going to subscription management – see below:

Anyway, this should be yet another travel of a lifetime and we’re all really excited about going.

Jolanda & Jakob: Just Married

Jolanda & Jakob Jolanda and Jakob got married and became Mr. and Mrs. Thusgaard. We had a great day in the Thamerkerk and Hotel Restaurant Het Rechthuis in Uithoorn. Visitors from Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, and Norway made the day absolutely unforgettable.

Have a look at the whole thing over at this site.

The wedding was followed by an amazing honeymoon to Thailand – this time without the bikes. The honeymoon pictures are available on the wedding pictures site as well. Welcomes

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