Danish Perez to Ajax from top club AZ Alkmaar

az - groningen
Comment: When you think about it it’s sort of funny. Danish morning newspaper Jyllands-Posten picked up the news about Kenneth Perez moving on in Dutch football. Kenneth will move from successful AZ Alkmaar to Ajax Amsterdam.

The fun part is where Jyllands-Posten says that Kenneth is moving up in Dutch football. Here are a few facts for everyone:
– AZ beat Ajax in September 4 goals to 2.
– Today AZ is 14 points ahead of Ajax which with a disastrous season behind them so far is only in 7th place.

Yes, I’m sure the Dane has received a nice package for his move to Ajax.
No, he’s not moving up in Dutch football.

From AZ’s point of view it’s been a while since Ajax was “up”.

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Adsense and Comments Plugins for WordPress blogs

Jesper Thusgaard over at jesper.thusgaard.com has upgraded to WP2.0 and has a few plugins running on the site. I wanted to make a comment on his blog mentioning a few plugs that I use for this blog, but ended up deciding to post the advice here, so others can benefit.

The plugins that are in use here at the moment:
Spam Karma 2 2.0 Final r4, Adsense-Deluxe 0.5, Del.Icio.Us Integrator 0.6, FAlbum 0.5.6, Google Analytics 1.0, SimpleTags 1.1, StatTraq 1.0a beta, Subscribe to Comments 2.0.2, Subscribe2 2.1.6, WP Flickr Post Bar 0.3, WP-ContactForm 1.3, and WordPress Database Backup

A few of the plugins have been added since my last post. The additions are Subscribe to Comments, Adsense Deluxe, Google Analytics, and Spam Karma.
– Subscribe to Comments will allow people who comment on posts get an update notification when additional comments are posted to the blog.

– Adsense Deluxe will allow you to add Adsense to your blog.

– Google Analytics allows you to make use of Google Analytics.

– Spam Karma is a really efficient Spam annihilator.

Those are all the additions. The most useful of the additions are Adsense Deluxe and Subscribe to Comments. Adsense Deluxe because it makes it really easy to flexibly change Adsense ads and Subscribe to Comments because it makes it much easier for contacts to stay updated with replies to their comments.

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Re-discovering Chopstick Skills

On the 15th of Janaury, Jakob’s birthday, we went to the Amsterdam restaurant “Sea Palace” to re-discover our chopstick eating skills. Everything worked out nicely and they even served our favorite dishes from China: Chicken pieces with nuts and vegetables in a spicy sauce and of course roast duck with rice.

The contrast between the average Chinese restaurant in China and the Sea Palace is huge ! Sea Palace is extremely decorated on the inside to make it look “Chinese”. Only, restaurants in China that we visited certainly looked a lot more basic than that – usually with little more decoration than tables and chairs.

Having filled our stomachs at the Sea Palace we continued to proeflokaal Wynand Focking to a reading by Herb van Drongelen on his 6-year adventure mentioned here.

Very inspiring and a good way to finish the birthday.

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Qtek 8310 Voted Best Smartphone of 2005

Qtek 8310The users from Pocketinfo.nl have voted Qtek 8310/i-Mate SP5 best smartphone of 2005. Check out the article here.

With about twice as many votes as the smartphone in 2nd place, the Qtek 8310 probably wins due to features like Wi-Fi, EDGE, QVGA and Windows Mobile 5.0.

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KISS DP-600 leaves me wondering…

Kiss Networked Entertainment presents DP-600
So Kiss has come out with their most recent bid to become your networked home entertainment center, and with a price around 350 € for the DP-600 that does indeed sound interesting. But if you compare it to the slightly older DP-558 with 200GB hard drive, which is currently available for around 440 € in Germany, 490 € in the Netherlands, and about 3.500 DKK (470 €) in Denmark, you start wondering what you get for those extra 150 € (depending on country). The VR-558 comes with a 300GB hard disk and does not seem to have a whole lot more to offer than the DP-558 besides increased price.

It seems from the info that I can find online at this point in time that the differences are these:
– the DP-558 has 200 GB of recording hard disk space;
– the DP-600 has support for High Definition, but can’t record.

At this point in time I can’t find a review of the DP-600, but will continue to look for one in order to get more information on this box. So far I’m definitely much more a fan of the recorder-type boxes and think that the DP-558 probably still offers the best value for money.

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Skype for Smartphone

Skype LogoAs mentioned in my brief review of the Qtek 8310 in November the phone comes with Wifi. In the mean time I have had the time to test it out and some of the things that I particularly like about this phone is the ability to check e-mail and websites, which works really well.

Last time I mentioned that I was missing applications like Skype on my Smartphone. It seems now according to CoolSmartPhone.com that that anyway is possible. Check out the workaround here.

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